Our Strategy

Being committed to creating a healthier world takes on many faces. Our work is about empowering individuals to live their lives to their “God given” potential. To do this, we understand the obstacles that are in their way. By creating an environment for natural healthcare, education, food/water, and human dignity, we provide lifelines for those in need to step back into the world and become the person they were meant to be.

Empowering Natural Health Care

To break the cycle of sickness and disease, it is imperative that true “health” care is promoted. When learning to take care of our bodies, we must always focus on the important issues…a healthy nervous system, exercise, diet, stress and positive attitude. Hands For Life is dedicated to teaching the true fundamentals of health, and helping people reach their full health potential by having a highly functioning Nervous System. Through the detection and correction of Vertebral Subluxations, the body’s own Innate healing power will be functioning to create a balance within the body. Once our bodies are back in balance, we can reap the benefits of healthy nutrition, exercise and the other factors of health. Hands For Life will deliver the highest caliber Chiropractic Care, allowing for the greatest degree of success when it comes to the body healing itself.

Clean Drinking Water

One of the most basic necessities for any form of life to survive is water. Did you know that in many parts of the world, people have to walk more than 2 miles each way to fill up a container of clean water? Many others get their water from watering holes, where the water is not healthy to drink!! This lack of water and unhealthy water creates a major health risk for kids and adults alike. Hands for Life is dedicated to working with our partners to ensure clean water is available, and the availability is within a short proximity of the local inhabitants. By building wells, biosand-filters, rain tanks, along with other technology, more clean water will be available creating a healthier place to live. Hands For Life is passionate about this project, and changing lives through one of the essential ingredients like water will make a huge difference in the world.

Ensuring The Right To Healthy Food

How many children and adults go to sleep with their stomachs aching from lack of food? Malnutrition and starvation are one of the leading causes of death and sickness in our world.  Hands For Life has answered the call to make a difference when it comes to food for the hungry.  We have partnered with groups all over the globe to make sure every person has their “inalienable right” to the food they need.  Heart Disease, Rickets and Osteoporosis are just a few of the many problems that occur when someone has a lack of healthy food available to them.  Let’s face it, there is no shortage of food, just a shortage of long range thinking to make it available to every child and adult in the world.  Hands For Life has partners around the world that make it their mission to provide food, and teach the basics on growing sustainable crops so there should never be a lack of food.  The basics in life are not too much to ask for…and Hands For Life is here to ensure they are met.

Quality Education and Self Confidence

Education is a huge key to a sustainable future. And with education comes the self confidence to change the world.. Two thirds of the students in the U.S. who cannot read proficiently by the time they finish 4th grade will end up on welfare or in jail. One fourth of the children in the U.S. grow up not learning how to read. 774 million people worldwide aged 15 and older are illiterate. Two thirds of the illiterate adults are women. 54 of the 76 million illiterate young women come from 9 countries (30 million are from India). Hands For Life is dedicated to raising the education bar for those kids and adults who don’t have access to schools or education. We are committed to building brighter minds, so the next generation can lead us to a more respectful, healthy and sustainable planet.